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Production Planning Manager – Lockheed Martin Internship Application In King of Prussia

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    Job Description:

    To fabricate and repair metalworking dies, cutting tools, jigs and fixtures, gauges, and machinists’ hand tools, the Machinist analyzes specifications, lays out metal stock, sets up and operates machine tools, and fits and assembles parts, using knowledge of tool and die design and construction, shop mathematics, metal properties, and layout, machining, and assembly procedures.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Experience with manual, semi-automated, and automated tools and equipment
    • A machinist must be able to work in temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to get the job done well.
    • Associates degree in mechanical, automotive, or machining, or two years of related work experience
    • Acquaintance with the fundamentals of industrial machine technology, as well as a working knowledge of metal working characteristics and their properties.
    • Ability to perform precise measurements using precision instruments (e.g., calipers, micrometers, drop gages, and gage blocks).

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Maintaining and running equipment such as lathes and mills is essential in this role.
    • Collaborate with programming engineering to communicate technical knowledge relevant to the production of high-quality components.
    • To manufacture a defined quantity of component components, undertake sophisticated progressive turning, drilling, milling, and tapping operations.
    • Dismantle and install maintenance, repaired, or replacement components into the machine to ensure proper and safe functioning.
    • The machinist sets up and operates manual and CNC machine tools, as well as executes basic shop calculations related to job dimensions, tooling, feeds, and milling speeds, using a wide range of machinist’s hand tools and accurate measurement equipment.
    • Analyze prototype components, blueprints, drawings, and other engineering data to establish the best techniques and sequences of activities for product fabrication, as well as the final product’s dimensions and tolerances.
    • Follow safe work practices such as Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO), Fall Protection, Confined Spaces, and the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (PPE)
    • Work is planned and organized by interpreting and following directions and rules, both verbally and in writing.
    • Using precision measurement, measure finished units to find faults and guarantee compliance to requirements.
    • Use tools, materials, software, equipment, and components to come up with solutions to problems. Enhance the machine’s performance by identifying and proposing new specs for the component.

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