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Google Marketing Internships – Employee Relations and Investigations Partner In Scotch Plains

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    Job Description:

    People Operations strives to revolutionize human resources the same way that Google has revolutionized search. We are helping to find, grow and keep the remarkable assemblage of talent who are our Googlers. You’ll be an advocate of Google’s culture and values, partnering with our business leaders to help them build their organizations and make sure all people decisions are based on data. Whether coaching our clients on how to lead their teams, navigating and resolving employee relations issues or managing programs that help develop our Googlers, you are exceptionally focused on putting them first, and being as clear and transparent as possible to help Googlers understand how people decisions get made.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Ensure that the investigation/complaint process and disciplinary proceedings are managed in a fair, thorough, and timely manner consistent with local requirements.
    • Conduct fair, thorough, and timely investigations into allegations of violations of Google’s Human Resource policies or local law and policies to ensure fair treatment of all Googlers.
    • Advise partner teams on local investigation processes and advise on and support local disciplinary processes for non-HR policy violations.
    • Advise on and help to resolve other workplace concerns to determine the appropriate approach and to ensure fair treatment of all Googlers (e.g., concerns about the fairness of performance ratings, promotion, pay and level, and any other behaviors that may breach our Standards of Conduct).

    Job Requirements/Qualifications:

    • Experience with stakeholder management in a global organization.
    • Ability to successfully work across different identities and apply an intersectional lens in daily work and interactions.
    • Experience advising organizations, and performing individual, and/or collective consultation exercises.
    • Experience managing investigations and advising on/supporting local disciplinary, grievance, and investigation processes.

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