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2023 Internships – Journalist Thesocialtalks

    Website Thesocialtalks

    Journalism for Change


    Before submitting and sending your resumes, we invite you to read our mission and vision statements.


    If you have ever thought about positive change through journalism, join us in the movement of change.

  is an independent public digital news platform that generates news, stories, deep analysis of subjects, and editorials on pertinent issues that affect Society.


    At TheSocialtalks we write on social and political issues with impartiality and in-depth analysis. Through a global team of writers and Journalists, we work together to produce information with the aim of creating an informative environment that will not only encourage innovation but also fuel the need to bring more quality content.



    • Upholding the Truth through Verification
    • Unbiased Reporting
    • Serving the Public as a Watchdog
    • Making Important News Interesting
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Capability to form ‘contacts’ or ‘sources’ and maintain Them
    • To be able to perform under various internal and external pressures
    • Extroverted and Sociable Nature
    • Ability to present thoughts clearly

    Call for Internship


    TheSocialTalks are now open for internships and we welcome all the students who wish to spread their wisdom through words.


    Stipend: UNPAID

    Duration: Two months

    Location: Remote



    After the successful completion of the internship, the interns will be rewarded with the LOI – Letter of Internship and a well-drafted recommendation letter (Depending on performance) for their future quests.


    Send your CV saved as “yourfullname.pdf or docs” directly to


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